Sunday, March 4, 2018

05-11 March Herron's Prayer Blog

James and Sonya Herron, IMB Missionaries

Uganda East Africa

Island Ministry team (Upper Buvuma Islands)

The vision of the International Mission Board is to see a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation knowing and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ

Prayer Requests and Praise for 5th 11th March  

Thank the Lord with the Herrons for the Past Week

(We Praise God For)

o   Our travel to the island traveling on the lake three hours. 

o   Travel in and around Jinja

·         We thank God for the Ugandan church leaders who have continue to minister to the people

·         We thank God for the two students from the USA who are part of our Ministry Team until late May

·         We praise God for the seventeen prospective students for the Island Bible School scheduled to start 26th March

·         Thank God for the work done on the house last week without any injuries or problems

·         We thank God for the work that has been done in preparation for our Farming God’s Way mission team arriving next week

o   We have the secured and packaged the seeds for the 186 who will attend the Farming God’s Way sessions next week

o   The opportunities for our churches to reach the community with the Gospel of Christ during the FGW training and follow-up

o   The farming supplies which we will secure this Wednesday in preparation for the team arrival in March  

·         We praise the Lord for providing and caring for our family in Uganda and in America

·         We thank God for His faithfulness and provisions in our lives

Pray for the Herron’s This Coming Week

05th —11th March        

·         Pray for the Gardendale First Baptist Church team as they travel from America to Uganda Sunday 11th March

o   Pray for their safety as they travel

o   Pray there are no problems with the flights

o   Pray for their physical, emotional and spiritual strength as they travel

o   Pray that all their luggage’s arrive with them

·         Pray our continual preparation for Gardendale First Baptist Church Mission Team as they prepare to travel here later in March

o   Pray as we secure all the material for the team arrival this week and transport them to the island this Wednesday

·         Pray for us as we travel to the islands this Wednesday to prepare for 2018 Island Bible School scheduled for the end of March

·         Pray for the spiritual growth and development of our workers  

·         Continue to pray that our pastors and church leaders will implement the T4T Training in the churches as they reach people with the Gospel and disciple new believers  

o   Pray that we will see new Bible Study Groups emerge in the future from the training

·         Pray for our families in the USA

o   Our three sons and their families 

o   Our five grandchildren

o   The Sutton Family

o   The Dempsey Family

o   Our siblings and their families

Thanks for your prayerful support.

In HIS service

James and Sonya Herron

 "...before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language...." Revelation 7:9 (NIV)   

Ministering to Children at Kembo Village Buvuma Island

Waiting to Start-Kembo Village Buvuma Island 

Small Group Activity-Discipleship Training

Another Small Group Assignment-Kembo Village Buvuma Island 

Large Group Teaching Kembo Village Buvuma Island

Sonya and Madison in America

James and Madison-In America