Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Dream Comes True - From the Waves

Dispelling Hopelessness and Darkness on the Island
The waves on Lake Victoria looks like those in the Atlantic Ocean on Coco Beach, Florida. As we approached the small village of Lukalu on Bweema Island, a lady, we will call her Stella, directed the boat’s pilot to a small spot near the beginning of the peer. The pilot did a good job in landing the boat in rough water.

The mid-aged lady welcomes us to the village and volunteers to take us to see the LC, the village’s Council Leader. Stella escorted us to the LC’s home and waited with us while others went to seek him. As we waited we talked. Stella tells us that she is tired of living her life the way she has been living and is looking for something better. She also states that she had dreamed that visitors would come and share with her some “good news”. When she saw us approaching she knew within her heart that we were the ones she had dreamed about. Stella is searching for answers to life questions. She shares accounts about her failures and feelings of emptiness. She begins to cry as she reflects on her life and sense of hopelessness. We are able to share with Stella the “Good News” of Jesus Christ. Stella during our visit, receives Christ as her Lord and Savior.

During our meeting with the LC, we were welcomed and granted permission to conduct Bible studies which will lead to a new church plant on Bweema. The LC and several leading members of the village were excited about the possibility of a church being developed in their village. As we left the island, Stella joined others in pushing our boat from the shore and stood there smiling, encouraged and expectant as we struggled through the rough surf. There are many men and women like Stella, waiting for their dreams to come true. Those waiting for us to bring the Good News of salvation that only come through Jesus Christ.

Please pray with us as we minister on the six islands and eleven villages we are attempting to reach with the Gospel. We are endeavoring to begin new Bible Study groups, preaching points and churches in places where none exist. Please pray that the Father provides Resources for:

• Our boat – a used one being repaired

• Boat motor and necessary equipment

• Port space on the mainland and island

• Training needed to safely operate and pilot the boat

• The National co-laborers

• The people yet to be reached

Thank you for your prayerful support.

James and Sonya Herron