Saturday, March 13, 2010

“Heaters in Africa?”

When we think of Africa we envision a hot, sweaty, mosquito infested place where you can receive no comfort from the blasting heat. Not true! This is possibly a description of Phoenix Arizona, St. Louis, Missouri or Memphis, Tennessee during late summer. This  was certainly my impression of Africa before my first mission trip in 2003.

Africa is a big continent and there are many different facets to this great continent. In a recent trip to Nairobi, Kenya for medical care, we experienced a new face of Africa. Nairobi is a major center in the continent of Africa. Many African nationals and international agencies have major hubs in Kenya. There are approximately 25,000 Americans residing in Kenya. Nairobi, the capital, is a modern city of over three million people, with many modern conveniences. In Nairobi, there are world class medical facilities which is why we visited for our routine annual physicals.

Just as Kenya is culturally, socially and economically different from other African nations, it also has a different climate. I was surprised to find the need to wear long sleeves or a light jacket. At the Guest House where we stayed, the rooms, to our surprise were furnished with small space heaters for the frequent cool evenings. It is not unusual to see coats and jackets worn by Kenyans during early morning hours.

There are many parts to this great continent with many needs and problems to be solved. The greatest and most important need is for people to hear the Gospel, and have hearts "warmed" to  the message of Christ’s salvation. Continue to pray with us as we share the goodness of Christ’s love to the people of this vast continent.