Friday, July 10, 2015

June 22-July 07 Prayer Requests

James and Sonya Herron, IMB Missionaries
Uganda East Africa
Fishers of Men (Upper Buvuma Islands)

The vision of the International Mission Board is to see a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation knowing and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ

Prayer Praise for the Week 22nd June—07th July
We Thank the Lord for: 

*  Thank the Lord for traveling grace as the Herrons traveled to and from the islands, and Jinja

*  The completion of a week of Bible Training for eleven of our Pastor/Church Leaders the week of  15th—19th  June

*  The cooperation of ministry leadership in ministering and growing disciples for Christ

*  The arrival and ministry of Greenwood Baptist Church mission Team
·         The team spend three days on the islands teaching biblical doctrine, evangelism and Children Ministry
·         Their ministry on the mainland Kibizza and Kinja
·         The twenty-three decisions for Christ
·         Encouragement and training of the pastors and church leaders
·         The team safe travel on the island and mainland
·         The team safe return home

*  Court hearing for Madison in mid-September   

*  God protection and provision for us and the island ministry

Pray for the Herrons This Week
Wednesday July 08th—Tuesday July 14th

*  Pray for the Herrons as they minister to the peoples of the Islands of Lake Victoria 

—Our visit to the islands for planning sessions for upcoming team
—Mentoring, encouragement and training of island Pastors in preparation for Medical Mission team leadership

*  The Herrons as they travel to Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday.  They will be going to Kenya for routine medical follow-up and meetings 

*  The Bible School this week

—Pray that God provide for the pastors/church leaders tuition and their families during the week of schooling. 
—Pray for these pastors and church leaders as they equip themselves to reaching the lost, discipling new believers and planting indigenous island churches.    

*  Mission team from O’Fallon First Baptist Church, O’Fallon, Illinois coming 24th July—08th August

—Pray for their planning for this trip
·         Their physical preparation
·         Spiritual, emotional and cultural preparation for their coming to the Islands
·         They are in-tuned to the Holy Spirit guidance and direction  
·         Ministry on the islands and mainland

*  Pray for our continual language learning  

—Our commitment to sharing Christ in Luganda this week
—The witness to our Language teacher

Thanks for your prayerful support.

In HIS service
James and Sonya Herron