Sunday, March 19, 2017

20th March Herron's Prayer Blog

James and Sonya Herron, IMB Missionaries

Uganda East Africa

Island Ministry team (Upper Buvuma Islands)

The vision of the International Mission Board is to see a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation knowing and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ

Praise and Prayer Request for the Week of 6th—19th March

Thank the Lord with the Herrons for the Past Week

(We Praise God For)
  • For traveling grace for the Herrons as they travel this past two weeks:* 
    • To Kyanji Village, Buziri Island for Island Bible Study 
    • Kiyindi Landing Site and back to Jinja twice 
    • Traveling around Jinja Town
  • We thank God for a successful seven plus hour surgery for JJ the 16 Y/O son of one of our missionary friend 
    • Continue to pray for his recovery at home 
    • Pray for their family as they minister to him and provide for their other children and family
  • We thank God for the recent rain after more than four months of no rain
  • We thank God for our Ugandan leaders we have working with us in reaching then islands with the Word of God 
  • We praise God for Island Bible School 2nd Session and the 36 students presence 
    • The teaching of the school, Biblical Theology, Sunday School Organization, The Book of Marks 
    • The learning the students, Pastors, Church Elders and Church Leaders are reeiving and how this learning will affect our churches, villages and islands
  • We praise the Lord for caring for our family in Uganda and America
  • Our continual improvement in language learning Luganda  
Pray for the Herrons This Week
20th-26th March 
  • Our continual efforts to secure US VISA for Madison (We are praying to hear from U.S. Immigration soon) 
    • Pray that we will not be required to travel to the US for the Immigration hearing
  • Continue to pray for disaster relief effort in Pallissa District because of drought and crop failure
    • Continue to pray for Eastern Uganda alone with Pallissa District as we endure suffering from a drought going on two years, which has resulted in an increase in the price of food
  • Pray for our efforts to introduction “Farming God’s Way” to the people of Pallissa Districts as a result of our involvement with the food relief project
  • Pray for our family in the USA 
    • Our three sons and their families 
    • Our five grandchildren 
    • The Sutton Family
    • Our siblings and their families
  • Pray for our continual efforts to provide follow-up work in assisting our pastors/church leaders start new Bible Study Groups in their churches and also in their homes of members 
  • The Ugandan Children/Youth Ministry members who were trained to begin to applying what they learn in their respective village/islands and we see new Bible groups develop 
  • Pray two children seen in clinic who need special follow-up 
    • Pray for wisdom to find proper medical care for these children 
    • Pray that we are able to secure the necessary medical care for these children
  • Our commitment to language learning 
    • Our commitment to sharing Christ in Luganda this week 
    • Our witness to our Language teacher
Thanks for your prayerful support.

In HIS service
James and Sonya Herron

 "...before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language...." Revelation 7:9 (NIV)

Medical Team From WV at Kyinji Baptist Church (300 patient 24 Salvations)
The Team from WV traveling to Zireu-Muto Island

Pastor Dave sharing the Gospel at Z-M)

Patients Waiting to be seen in Clinic at Z-M

A patient who received a mosquito net

Another Patient Receiving a Mosquito Net

Tent City for Medical Mission Team

Farming God's Way Demonstration Plot

Island Bible Class First Class

Biblical Interpretation Class

Madison in her room

The Three Little Pigs
The vision of the International Mission Board is to see a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation knowing and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ